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Content Contributor (Part-Time)

Why We Need You

We know that current teachers are best suited to inspire other educators. We are looking for amazing K-12 teachers who want to work with Goalbook toward actualizing our mission: We empower educators to transform instruction so that ALL students succeed.

Join Us

Join our team of remote content contributors committed to closing the achievement gap and building inclusive instructional practices across thousands of Goalbook classrooms, in hundreds of districts, across 45 states. We are looking for teachers who want to share their creative best practices to inspire thousands of educators and get paid for sharing what they do best.

Apply to be a Content Contributor

We have a list of open projects for which we are hoping to find K-12 teachers who have had success teaching the content related to each project. The steps to apply are:

  1. Submit Application:
  2. Receive Invitation to Review Open Projects
  3. Identify a Project to Apply for: “Have I successfully implemented the content related to this project in my K-12 classroom?”
  4. Apply to Multiple Projects: Complete the short survey demonstrating your success in your classroom for each application.
  5. Contract: If accepted, you will be invited to go into contract with us.

Evaluation of Applications

Applications are reviewed in the order in which they were submitted. Please note, unfortunately we sometimes get multiple submissions for the same project and we are unable to approve every application we receive. For this reason, we highly encourage each applicant to make multiple applications for different projects. If you were selected to go into contract, an editor from our team will reach out with more details regarding the project expectations, due date, and compensation.

Content Contributor Responsibilities

If invited to go into contract, our content contributor is a remote contractor position to complete a single project. More details on each project’s expectation, due date, and compensation will be shared when you are invited to go into contract.

Opportunity to Work on Future Projects

Depending on our evaluation of the first project submitted, and if the expectations detailed in the contract are met or exceeded, we will invite you back to submit additional applications. For contributors who have demonstrated consistent and successful completion of projects, we also proactively propose longer-term projects to work on. Accepting to work on additional projects that we propose is completely optional and up to the contributor.

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