A timer is a device that can be incorporated into daily tasks, transitions and breaks for a student. Having a timer available may help the student learn how to manage time when completing academic tasks and transitions. Timers may help students have more independence.

Ready-to-Use Resources

Online Resources

Online Timer Websites and Extensions

Links and descriptions of timer websites and browser extensions. The online timers included in this resource can help students easily visualize the remaining time for a task or transition period.

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Implementation Tips

Whole Class
Timers can be used for whole classroom management. The visual timer timer can be displayed where students can see and keep track of time as well as monitor task completion.
Visual Timers
There are a variety of visual timers available for the individualized learning and support needs for the student. For a review of some of the visual timers available, check out this blog: [[ | ]]


Independent Work Time
A student is independently working on a math puzzle during center time. A visual count-down timer is placed next to the student so he can visually see how much time he has to work on the puzzle before transitioning to the next center.
First-Then Schedule
A timer is being used with a first-then schedule (math worksheet – computer) so the student knows how much time she has to complete the first academic task in order to move to the next activity. The timer is reset at the beginning of the next activity, so the student knows how much time she has to play math computer games.

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