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A thesaurus is a reference material containing both the synonyms and antonyms for a given word. A thesaurus may help a student expand word use and word knowledge as well as provide an array of words that the student may use when writing and or speaking about a topic.

Implementation Tips

Additional Support
A thesaurus may help a student communicate using a wider array of language. The student will still need to know the nuance of words and may need some additional supports to learn these differences. Using concept webs or concept mapping in conjunction with the thesaurus may support a student with making connections with word knowledge.
Online Thesaurus
Thesaurus are readily available online and in word processing software. Teach the student how to locate and to use the thesaurus. An online tool such as [[ | ]] can support students with seeing these connections with the synonyms and antonyms of a word.


When creating a haiku, a student looks up the word "stream" in the thesaurus to find other words that describe rushing water.
Essay Writing
When typing an essay, student uses the reference tool thesaurus to find alternate words to avoid repetition.
While reading the novel "The Call of the Wild" in class, the teacher asks the students to brainstorm the topic "What is courage?" As students brainstorm, they can refer to [[ | Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus ]] to expand upon the meaning of courage and find related words.

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