Reading Guide Strips

Reading Tracking Strips, Reading Highlighting Strips, Word Windows

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Reading guide strips are practical assistive reading tools designed to help readers better see, focus and remember what they read. They usually look like ruler-sized strips with a tinted, transparent window that are placed over text that needs to be read to help kids focus on the text. They are intended to be used as an intervention for struggling readers to reduce word and line skipping and pattern glare, enhancing reading fluency and improving reading comprehension.

Implementation Tips

Use Multiple Colors
Older students may benefit from using reading strips of multiple colors to help them focus on specific, highlighted portions of text during content-rich subject area reading to help them chunk information.
Make Your Own
You can make your own custom-sized reading strips by cutting strips of colored transparency sheets or dividers.
Use on Your Front Board
When working with a text that is projected on the board, it may be beneficial to use reading guide strips to help students focus on specific portions of text.


During independent or guided reading time, have the student use a reading guide strip to allow them to focus on the line of text they are reading alone.
During whole class instruction, give the student who struggles with tracking a copy of the text that is projected so that he/she may use a reading guide strip as she/he follows along during whole class readings.
While working on lengthy word problems, have the student use a reading guide strip to allow them to focus on the content of the problem.

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