Modified Arithmetic

Modified Math

UDL 5.2 UDL 5.3

Math problems that are too complex for some learners can be adapted to the student’s level. This could involve fewer steps in a problem, adjusting the difficulty of the problem, making the problem personally interesting to a student or having the student complete a portion of a problem. Students can also be given access to supports, such as manipulatives or calculators.

Implementation Tips

Peer Support
For students who require minimal support, pair the student with a proficient student.
Additional Math Supports
For students needing more support, allow them to use multiplication tables, calculators, manipulatives, visuals, etc.


Numeric Adjustments
When students are completing worksheets involving basic operations, the minimum and maximum of the numerals can be adjusted. (e.g. some students work on counting numbers 1-100 and others work on only numbers 1-10.)
Partially Completed Problem
When presenting two-step math problems, give the problem with the first step already completed and have the student complete only the final step.