UDL 5.1

As an alternative to written or verbal language, students are given the option of producing image-based class work, projects or tests. Common illustration examples include drawing a picture, creating a book, using PowerPoint and clip art/images, illustrating a comic strip, making a collage and illustrating a timeline.

Implementation Tips

Use Illustrations as an Alternative Means for Assessment
Students can find images independently or teachers can give two images and ask the student to choose the image most relevant to the topic (e.g. "Which picture shows where the story takes place?").
Use Powerpoint
Students can create a PowerPoint presentation with visuals only or teachers can set up the slides with a single word or phrase and students can find pictures to match the word/phase.


Language Arts
Student creates a PowerPoint to a book which contains story elements (e.g. characters, setting, etc) using images found online (e.g. Google Images) rather than composing an essay.
Student creates a comic strip to show the stages of a seed developing into a plant.
Social Studies
Student uses images from magazines or the internet to explain the first Thanksgiving.

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