Graph Paper

Graphing, Visual Representation

UDL 5.2

Graph paper is paper that consists of equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines that can be used for drawing figures, diagrams, graphs and/or x-y axes and coordinates. Graph paper can be used to help scale drawings, determine perimeter and area of figures, and graph linear equations and other algebraic functions.

Ready-to-Use Resources

Graph Paper

Graph Paper Bundle Pack

This packet contains 50+ pages of printable graph paper templates in different sizes, styles, and colors. The complete editable version comes with components you can copy and paste to create your own grids and shapes.

Grade K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 · Math · 64 pages

Implementation Tips

Providing Visual Support
A student with a visual impairment may need to have more space between the horizontal lines and vertical lines and/or raised lines with graph paper.
Having whiteboards with a coordinate plane can also help students when labeling and/or when physical motor movements can be challenging.
Online Resources
Graphing calculators and/or online tools such as the [[ | Desmos Online Graphing Calculator ]] can be beneficial for students learning algebraic functions and equations.


Students are asked to create rectangles that have a certain area. Students use the graph paper to create as many rectangles that they can that have an area of 16 units squared and then compare the lengths of the sides to the area.
Students create a survey about what their favorite animal is at the zoo. Students use graph paper to create a bar graph of the results of the survey. The horizontal line is labeled with the different animals and the vertical line represents the number of students in the class who prefer certain animals at the zoo.
Students graph a line using x-y coordinates representing the cost of t-shirts and the number of t-shirts sold at the school play. Each t-shirt sells for $12. In the linear equation, x represents number of t-shirts sold and y represents the total amount of money. The linear equation is y = 12x.