Alternate Text

Abridged Text, Picture Book, Graphic Novel, Symbolic Text

UDL 2.5 UDL 5.1

Instead of modifying a grade level text, an alternate text about the same topic is provided to the student. Alternate texts could be an abridged version or an illustrated version (e.g. graphic novel). Providing a student with an alternate text allows him/her to access the same content information as their peers but at his/her instructional level.

Implementation Tips

Substituting a Similar Text
For a student who is below grade level in reading substitute a text/book at a lower reading level.
Creating an Alternate Text
For a student who has a limited reading vocabulary, create a reading book with only a few words per page paired with pictures.
Picture Books as Alternate Text
For a student who does not read, substitute a picture book on the same topic.
CAST UDL Book Builder
CAST's UDL [[ | Book Builder ]] provides an online tool to discover and create adapted texts.


Social Studies
When studying the branches of government, provide the student with a book at a lower grade level that explains the concepts in easier-to-understand language.
Language Arts
Pair The Very Hungry Caterpillar with vocabulary and pictures at the student's instructional level that are embedded in the pages.
Use a website such as [[ | Shmoop ]] that breaks science concepts (The Cell) down into easier-to-understand, manageable segments.

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