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Adapted text is any text that has been changed from its original print format. This includes a variety of strategies to make traditional text accessible to students with a variety of learning styles. This may include presenting the text in a different visual manner (e.g. enlarged text), auditory (e.g. audio book) or simplified manner (e.g. abridged version).

Implementation Tips

Rewordify Online Tool
Use [[|Rewordify]] tool to simplify difficult English. Paste original text into tool and click "rewordify" to have it transform into an easier version of the text. The new reworded text will show what words were changed by highlighting them.
Paired Audio
For students who have strong visual or auditory skills, pair a novel with its audio book.
Focus on Key Concepts
For students who require extensive adaptations to access curriculum a simplified text can be used. One method to create this simplified text would be for the teacher to pick 1-3 key concepts from the assigned chapter and provide a picture representing the concept and 1-3 basic facts. For example, in adapting a social studies text discussing events leading up to the Civil War, the key concept can be Abraham Lincoln with a photo and 3 facts about him presented in the text.
CAST UDL Book Builder
[[ | CAST's UDL Book Builder ]] provides an online tool to discover and create adapted texts.
[[ | Bookshare ]] is the largest collection of digital books for people with print disabilities.
Tar Heel Reader
[[ | Tar Heel Reader ]] is a free collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces, including touch screens, the IntelliKeys with custom overlays and 1 to 3 switches.
[[| ]] is a free program, that lets you search for reading comprehension passages by topic and lexile. In addition to passages, they also provide reading comprehension questions and much more!
Abridged/Simplified Text
For students reading at a lower grade level, provide an abridged/simplified version of the text.


In the 6th grade science text covering types of precipitation, the teacher can pick out 3 key types of precipitation along with 3 facts about each as his/her assigned reading. The information can be put into a mini book format which will become the student's assigned reading.
Social Studies
Supply the student with an audio CD of the assigned chapter to pair with the Social Studies text.
Language Arts
When studying the works of Shakespeare, use comics such as [[|these]] from Peace, Good Tickle-Brain to aid in the comprehension of complex plot elements.

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